The Midtown Miracle

When we opened the Inn to Hurricane Florence Families we had no idea that our Community would help so much

and the Country would take notice!

Stories appeared on CBS News, Southern Living, WPDE and Local & National Media

Following are some of those stories..

CBS News – Myrtle Beach innkeeper opens his doors to families hit by Flooding
Oct 5, 2018 — It’s not really a house, though. Jaret owns the Midtown Inn and Cottages. Throughout floods, he has been open for business — or more like open for charity. To date, Jaret has given away almost 1,000 free nights to this community’s poorest and most vulnerable evacuees.

Grand Strand Magazine – Volunteers and evacuees banded together to help at “Camp Midtown.”
In late September 2018, Horry County faced historic flooding in the wake of Hurricane Florence. The rising rivers forced families to flee. Some went to shelters with only the clothes on their backs, while others had nowhere at all to go.

Faith Pot – A kind innkeeper has gone so far in taking care of his neighbors that he has given away $50,000 worth of expenses.

Jaret Hucks is the owner of Midtown Inn and Cottages in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Ever since Hurricane Florence has hit the east coast, he has thrown open the doors of his inn and allowed dozens of evacuees to stay there free of charge.

Christian Radio – After a deadly hurricane flooded his South Carolina beach community, one man, Jaret Hucks, knew he had to do all he could to help his neighbors. So he invited anyone in the community who was in need to come ‘stay at my house.’

This outpouring of love from this Good Samaritan for complete strangers is a complete Godsend for many who didn’t have the means to turn anywhere else.